The first perfume exhibition by Chanel

Chanel Correspondences opened at the Shanghai West Bund Art Center from August 23 to September 23, 2021

The French poet Baudelaire mentioned in his poem « CORRESPONDENCES » that reality is a symbolic forest, « the fit of aroma, color, and sound. » Smell, as a sense of smell, takes only 1/4 second to reach the center of the brain responsible for storing emotions and memories from the nasal cavity, and is related to the emotions and situations perceived at that moment; after that, it will reach the brain. The rational area allows people to discern what kind of smell it is.

For Gabrielle Chanel, « perception » is the inspiration for her unique aesthetic style and the source of innovative avant-garde fashion vocabulary.

As a fashion designer, Gabrielle Chanel has conquered the fashion world in Paris and the world. She set off an aesthetic revolution in fashion, subverting the tradition of jewelry and perfume. All this not only stems from her talent, courage and diligence, but also inseparable from her extraordinary attainments in music, art, and even film, dance, literature and other fields.

In the name of « perception », Chanel used fragrance, color and sound to create the brand’s first « Perception Chanel » perfume exhibition at the Shanghai West Bund Art Center.

The exhibition is built around the brand’s representative perfumes. The classic CHANEL N°5 perfume bottle shaped light and shadow tunnel is like a door connecting reality and dreams, walking slowly into an extremely dreamy Chanel garden and presenting it in front of you, as beautiful as an oil painting. , The visual impact is shocking enough

There are exquisite gardening flowers on the left and right. Under the unconstrained artistic creation, this trance thought that I was in the garden of which castle in Paris.

The pavilion with Chanel’s classic black and white as the main color occupies the center of the garden. The pure white wishing pool with golden double C logo also has exclusive customized gold coins. It flashes dazzlingly, which Chanel girl does not want to own

1 / Chanel No. 5# Chanel No. 5

In 2021, it is the 100th anniversary of the birth of perfume No. 5. With the staff opening with the perfume No. 5 dripping on the wrist with the test paper, there are 5 themed workshops specially set up here to uncover the creation of perfume No. 5 one by one.

2 / Ms. Coco#Chanel Ms. Coco

Entering the door of the apartment, you will receive a card written by Miss Coco from the housekeeper. The aroma is lingering, huge bookcases, crystal chandeliers, Art Deco style, full of Ms. Chanel’s personal touch, as if really crossing into Kang Peng Chanel Apartment at 31 Street

3 / Chanel’s water#Chanel’s water

It’s like being on the banks of the Seine River in Paris. You can smell the aroma when you look down through the telescope. You can also visit Duvier, Biarritz, Venice, Riviera, and Fort Lauderdale in Paris, all of which are the resorts of Ms. Chanel Zhong Yao.

4 / 邂逅#Chanel meets perfume

Encounters This blockbuster film takes the stage audition as the theme, interpreting the charm of lucky encounters, and the exhibition brings an extremely horse-grabbing audition backstage! And the CHANEL high-definition used in the filming of the commercial was also brought to the scene, and the atmosphere was full.

5 / 蔚蓝男#Chanel azure men’s perfume

Walk in here, you will enter a city built with imagination

6 / Gabriel Perfume#Chanel Gabriel

When you enter the door, you will reach the fragrance-scented bracelet, walk into a labyrinth-like space, and follow the winding path, dreamlike flowers are in front of you, and there are huge columns on both sides of jasmine, orange blossom, ylang ylang, and Gera. 4 kinds of white flowers of tuberose, you can feel the fragrance in the Gabrielle perfume bottle.