Pasha de Cartier in Shanghai


Fangyuan unbounded Cartier exhibition and party night landing in Shanghai

A square in a circle has its own heaven and earth; a square circle is boundless and creative. To celebrate the successful return of Pasha de Cartier series, Cartier presented a creative experience of « boundless » in Shanghai Museum of contemporary art from November 26 to 29, 2020. Eight groups of Chinese new generation artists’ works for Pasha de Cartier and Pasha de Cartier masterpieces representing the leading trends of thought in different times have jointly built this « power plant of art » into a lively and vigorous gathering place for trend interaction.
PASHA DE CARTIER Location of Cartier Exhibition
Pasha de Cartier « Boundless » Exhibition
In line with the spirit of the times, Pasha de cartier watches have always been popular. The legendary wristwatch, which was first born in 1985, from the pursuit of freedom and unrestrained in the 1980s to the inclusive neutral charm in the 1990s and the interpretation of diversified fashion in the early 21st century, each watch has been injected with the continuous innovation inspiration of Cartier brand and the interpretation and homage to the current era. Avant garde attitude is not achieved overnight. The precipitation of time creates lasting charm. In this exhibition, Pasha de Cartier wristwatch and clock, which symbolize the spirit of different times, will be presented for the first time, including 18 precious masterpieces from Cartier collection. In the « square and round » dials with different styles, Cartier never stops exploring and dare to be the first. The shining historical moment releases unique charm in the simple and contemporary exhibition cabinet: the square and round are in shape, and the boundless is in the heart.
On the evening of November 26, Cartier presented Pasha de Cartier’s theme party of « square and round boundless ». Five friends of Pasha de Cartier global brands: Jackson Wang, rami Malek, troye Sivan, Willow Smith and Maisie Williams launched the party through video connection. Wang Jiaer, a close friend of the brand, was even more innovative. She brought wonderful music from the space, presenting the « boundless » charm without space limitation.
Pasha de Cartier “On the spot”of the theme party
In addition, Cartier brand best friend song Xi Mengyao, young actor Zhang Xueying, international supermodel Zhao Lei, young actor Wei daxun, former swimmer Ning zetao, international super model Jin Dachuan, young actor Dong Li and young actor Zhou Zhengjie gathered at the party. Different styles of Pasha de cartier watches between the wrists showed their unique personalities. G.E.M. Deng Ziqi, Meng Meiqi, Zhang Yadong, Mandarin, singer and producer Wang Linkai, KK Wang Xiaoke, founder of boogie-hop, Amy, sinostage choreographer and choreographer Li Chunlin brought wonderful performances and exploded the scene. Free and easy music, free and easy dance, the integration and collision between the new generation of bands and China’s top music production Diversified music and performance, confident attitude to the vanguard, to create a unique « square boundless » original stage, together to push the party to a climax.
Song Xi, a close friend of Cartier brand, attended the exhibition and Party of Pasha de Cartier.
International supermodel Xi Mengyao attends Pasha de Cartier exhibition and Party.
Young actor Zhang Xueying attends Pasha de Cartier exhibition and Party.
This party, Cartire through official micro-blog, jitter, WeChat applet, Tmall and Tencent video for multi platform live broadcast, aimed at sharing with the younger generation PASHA DE CARTIER’s tiktok attitude.
It is reported that Pasha de Cartier’s « square and round boundless » exhibition will be displayed to the public from November 27 (Friday) to November 29 (Sunday) from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. scan the QR code below to book the public day and participate in interesting interaction.